Saturday, November 22, 2008

Miserable Melbourne!

It's almost 3am and I'm still up. Not that it matters anyway, because I don't have a job and I doubt I'll be doing anything tomorrow (though I am meant to be meeting up with a friend for dinner.. but we'll see what the weather's like first!).

Today I did a bit of cooking. First off I was craving some chickpea cutlets from VCON. But wouldn't ya know, I had no chickpeas. BUT, I had a tin of white (cannaleni?) beans. I did a quick Google to see if anyone else had subbed the chickpeas for white beans successfully and, lo and behold, Virginia from Vegetation appeared with her amended recipe. I didn't have sage leaves or vege broth, so I omitted the leaves and mixed a few squirts of Bragg's in a 1/4 cup of water instead. This was also my first time baking the cutlets and they came out super nice. This was my lunch:
2 white bean cutlets, pesto pearl couscous and a side salad of cos, tomato, avocado and a few dollops of pesto to dress. Pure yum. I had my barbeque sauce at hand to add to the cutlets, but the meal had enough flavour too it as it was. I actually think the cutlets were a bit too salty - I might cut down on the soy sauce next time. Still amazing though.

Later in the day I tried my hand at making my own cinnamon sugar pita chips. They ended up a lot greasier than I intended but were still good. Didn't take a picture unfortunately.

Because I'd had a big lunch, I planned on having a small dinner, like soup and salad. But I was cruising through my bookmarks on Firefox, and came across this vegan corn bread recipe I hadn't yet tried. I had just under a cup of polenta in the cupboard, so I made a slightly smaller batch (which was also a little flat due to me using self-raising, and omitting the salt and baking powder) and added a drizzle of agave. But wow, I can see why it's award winning. It was amazing on the side of some of Amy's organic vege and barley soup, slathered with avocado or a bit of vegan margarine (or both). I ate at least half the cornbread - so much for a small dinner!

In other news, after me talking about the thousands of calories I consumed today - I need to try to lose some weight! I went great for a couple of weeks.. did 10 days of the master cleanse and exercised every day, but now I've gone back into carb loving mode. I just love bagels and pasta and cornbread too much!! I guess once I'm working it'll regulate my eating a bit (I hope!).

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